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Take 3

It’s hard for me to write in here regularly, but I am not giving up. There appears to be a number of things holding me back:

  • Writing about what I really think and then putting my thoughts into a “public” place is intimidating.
  • Imposter Syndrome: me being an “expert” in environmental issues is a fluke and no one is going to listen (I still insist on using quotes around expert and I’ve been in this world since 2004!).
  • More self sabotage: environmental issues are scary and few people want to hear about them at all, let alone from me (a.k.a don’t be a buzzkill).
  • I’m not in the habit of signing into WordPress on a daily basis.
  • I’ve looked at a screen all day for work, so it’s not fun to be in front of a computer for another hour.

But as I’ve said before, it’s past time for me to write about what I know. I can’t shake the itch to share my thoughts and knowledge online and connect with others who also care.

This weekend I was inspired to begin posting (again) from two sources: (1) I started reading The Icarus Deception by Seth Godin; and (2) I listened to a couple of The Tim Ferriss Show podcasts while cleaning my apartment. The Icarus Deception encourages its readers to create art, no matter what, while The Tim Ferriss Show discusses the actions of high-performing individuals and how to live a creative, productive life. I have to start now, and I have to keep at it.

See you tomorrow 🙂