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Standing Rock Update

The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe is doing amazing work, by fighting for something (water and land), instead of against something. Although they are technically fighting against a pipeline, their overarching message is “water is life” and they are standing up to protect the natural resources that sustain our world. State and private police forces have been brutal – last weekend, they blasted protestors with water cannons while it was freezing outside.

Winter is coming . . . And as it descends on the Sacred Stone Camp, the stakes get higher. The governor of North Dakota issued an executive order requiring the protestors to leave due to harsh winter conditions, but they will not be sending law enforcement follow through with the executive order. The Army Corps of Engineers is requiring that protestors leave federal land by December 5th. A recent press release indicates that the water protectors are not going anywhere. Their grit is incredible.

Sacred Stone Camp has a great website that keeps people updated and directly asks for help (supplies and funds) from anyone who can contribute. The tricky part about this effort (and environmental work in general) is that the timeline is long, so it requires commitment for the long haul.