Created and hosted by Laura Evans (planner, author, and former environmental lawyer) with significant input and co-hosting support from John Washington (housing organizer, political trainer, and Afrofuturist) out of Buffalo, New York.

The Keeping Things Alive Podcast is here to explore the opportunities and challenges for human beings as we all live together on this beautiful, harsh, and interconnected Planet Earth.

You can access episodes of the Keeping Things Alive Podcast by:

Laura recorded the first Keeping Things Alive Podcast interview in December 2016 and published the first episode in April 2017. Episodes from Seasons 1 – 5 are currently offline, but many past episodes will be re-released in early 2023 followed by new episodes in the Spring.

Here are the links to each Season 6 and Season 7 episode currently streaming on Soundcloud and available wherever you listen to your podcasts:

Season 6 (April 2021 – April 2022)

  • Season 6 Welcome: intentions for the season, and a conversation about the current moment with Jim Anderson
  • May 2021 Info Collage: learn about NY’s new cannabis law, the herb self-heal, the Fool tarot card, and the police in Erie County.
  • EmZee: art, mental health, and Eden, NY
  • June 2021 Info Collage: learn more about the herb plantain, the Erie County sheriff election, cannabis in NY, and the Page of Wands tarot card
  • John Heim: the Southwest Florida Clean Water Movement and Tampa Bay’s Deadly Red Tide
  • Schondra Aytch: the importance of women voices and commentary, Hip-Hop in Buffalo, the history of Sneakvibing Blog, & more.
  • John Washington’s 2021 Ballot Review: covering elections in Erie County and the NY voter propositions out of Buffalo, NY.
  • Samantha Nephew: social determinants of health, children & climate change, local elections, & more.
  • Laura Wrote a Book!: learn about Laura’s upcoming book about her life, sustainability, and environmental law.

Season 7 (August 2022 – Present)

  • Season 7 Welcome: Laura and John discuss intentions for the season, Silent Seasons, and current environmental events.
  • Margaret Wooster: Sustainable water planning in Western New York.
  • Silent Seasons: learn about Laura’s new book and listen to the Introduction.
  • Jim Anderson Radio Interview Part 1: listen to part 1 of Jim Anderson interviewing Laura about her new book, Silent Seasons, on his radio show. Interview date: 10/10/22.
  • Jim Anderson Radio Interview Part 2: listen to part 2 of Jim Anderson interviewing Laura about her book, the US environmental law system, and how to more forward in a sustainable way. Interview date: 10/17/22.
  • John Washington’s 2022 Ballot Review: John Washington and Laura break down what government positions were on the 2022 election ballot in Buffalo, NY, who won, and what to be on the lookout for during the 2023 election year.
  • Season 7 Wrap: Listen to the audio portion of a video recording of the Keeping Things Alive Podcast Season 7 Wrap, which streamed on Facebook and YouTube on January 9, 2023. This episode includes a conversation between Laura Evans and John Washington about Season 7 and the Buffalo, NY 2022 Blizzard followed by Laura’s pre-recorded interview with South Florida water activist John Heim about Hurricane Ian. Water is life!