Wakeup Call

Do you have a life experience that you consider your wakeup call?
I do.
A few days into January 2014, I got the real flu, and rode out a week of
fever, split lips, aches, chills, a sore mouth and throat, and
the inability to concentrate on or do anything.
I hallucinated for a week.

I deeply understand how people die from influenza.
And I came out the other side of the flu with a new set of priorities.

I wanted to simplify my life.
I wanted manmade chemicals out of my body and home.
I wanted to stop worrying about taking “The Pill” at 10pm on the dot every night.
I wanted to plan out and cook cheap, healthy meals.
I wanted to pay off my student loans.

And these new desires evolved into new habits that radically changed my chemistry, my energy, and my life.

Getting the flu was my wakeup call.
What is yours?

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