Episode 35: Season 2 Wrap

It’s hard to believe that Season 2 has come to a close! Four months, 17 interview episodes, and 3 non-interview episodes later, it is time to take a break for reflection and setting intentions for Season 3.

Check out Episode 35, the Season 2 Wrap, for a summary of each Season 2 episode, intentions for Season 3, and a list of three books that are helpful guides along the “keeping things alive” path in current times.

Here is the list of episodes in Season 2, with links to them streaming on Soundcloud:

And here are links to the three books that Laura recommends at the end of Episode 35:


Episode 024: JD Hartman on Socially Responsible Investing

Episode 24 of the Keeping Things Alive Podcast features JD Hartman, the Managing Partner and Investment Advisor with the Buffalo-based Signity Financial. He is an expert on Socially Responsible Investing. For years he has been helping people achieve financial security by investing their money in alignment with their values. In other words, people doing well by doing good!

During the conversation, JD talks about aligning where you invest your capital with your values. Here are examples of capital that many individuals have:

  • IRAs
  • 401(k)s
  • 403(b)s
  • Inherited stock (ex. in National Fuel, M&T Bank, etc.)
  • Brokerage accounts (ex. Schwab, Ameritrade, etc.)

And here are the shownotes, with links to more information on what is discussed during Laura’s conversation with JD for the Keeping Things Alive Podcast: