President Obama Climate Change Speeches

I’ve decided to put a greater effort into finding and re-publishing articles and other online work that resonates with me, especially around environmental issues. I don’t have enough time to write everything on my own (so I end up writing nothing at all), but there is so much great information out there that is falling through the cracks.

So without future ado, today President Obama made two speeches about climate change: one at the Lake Tahoe Summit in Nevada, and the other in Hawaii at the Pacific Islands Conference of Leaders.

Here is the one in Lake Tahoe:

And here is the one in Hawaii:

Both of these speeches are well thought out, pragmatic, and realistic. I’m glad that I discovered them, but it’s a little sad that I didn’t know about them until I randomly decided to google “climate change action” tonight, and it just so happened that Obama gave these two speeches today (thanks to the Guardian for the coverage).

I can’t image flying between Nevada and Hawaii in one day and giving two speeches in each place. I’ll stop complaining about my occasional trip between Buffalo and Portland, where I’m expected to attend two meetings the next day.

Nice work, President Obama. As always, thank you for your rational thinking and hard work.

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