Podcast Episode 004: Sister Eileen O’Connor Shownotes

The first six episodes of Season 1 of the Keeping Things Alive podcast showcase my interviews with six leaders of the 2015 Rise Up for Climate Justice movement in Buffalo, New York. This movement started a few months after Pope Francis published his Encyclical, On Care for Our Common Home, and a few months before the 2015 Paris Climate Conference. I was fortunate enough to participate in many of the events, and I was so impressed with the diversity and energy of the activists that came together during this time.

My fourth interview is with Sister Eileen O’Connor, who is a Sister of Mercy, organizer for the Interfaith Climate Justice Community, and has given talks on the Pope’s Encyclical throughout Western New York. In this interview we talk about the meaning of social justice, the importance of taking care of the Earth, and how the Sisters of Mercy research their investments and other businesses they use to make sure they are in line with their values.

Here are the shownotes, with links to more information about what we talk about during my interview with Sister Eileen O’Connor:

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