My Dragon is Back

I moved back to Western New York a little over a year ago, and took the opportunity to rent a one-bedroom apartment above a friend in the city of Buffalo, NY. The biggest issue with my living situation is that it’s pretty small and I have two dogs: one Boston terrier named Sunny (fits just fine) and one German shepherd named Leda (a little too big for the space). My apartment is not ideal for a big dog, but I walk them three times a day and do a fair amount of training with them, so it’s not so bad.

The real problem happened last April, when it started getting really warm out, and Leda was too hot and cramped for my apartment. So although it was hard, she lived at my parents’ house 30 minutes away for the summer, where she ran on three acres with my parents’ two other big dogs all day, and I visited her whenever I wanted. It was not easy to leave my dog and I felt guilty about it a lot, but every time I visited her and saw how much freedom she had to run around, I felt ok with the setup. My parents are retired, Leda is well behaved, and it worked out during the hot weather.

But now it’s colder, and Buffalo had it’s first snow yesterday, so I brought Leda back to my apartment (she would be inside in either place). It’s great to have my dragon back. Sunny is happy to have her “muscle” and friend around again, and we are all getting a lot more exercise. I’m liking the added discipline of having a much more active dog around, and she is benefiting from more mental work – I play games like “find it” and work on other types of training exercises with her and Sunny every day. On that note, I was so happy to see that one of my favorite podcasts The Tim Ferriss Show, just released a full episode on dog training, too.