Episode 025: Fossil Free UB

Episode 25 of the Keeping Things Alive Podcast features an interview with three undergraduate activists (Alexa Ringer, Meghan Griffin, and Aidan Powell) who are a part of Fossil Free UB, a campaign demanding that the University at Buffalo Foundation divest from the fossil fuel industry and re-invest in clean energy and socially responsible alternatives. This episode provides an update on the campaign that Vanessa Dwyer introduced to the Keeping Things Alive Podcast in Episode 9.

Here are the shownotes, with links to more information on what is discussed during Laura’s conversation with Alexa, Meghan, and Aidan of Fossil Free UB:

One week after the interview, the issue that Fossil Free UB is working on (the UB Foundation’s current investment in fracking) was featured in a front-page Buffalo News Article.

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